Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Peace on the Porch

I like to go out on the porch for my first cup of coffee. I sit there listening to the birds and watching the orange pink splash of sunrise crawl across the sky. It is a wonderful way to start the day.

There is a drawback in this wonderful summer season.
Yes, the air is crisp and cool. I could open the windows and doors and allow the fresh air of early morning to sweeten my home.

Yes, the song birds are singing their sweet melodies as they serenade the world into a new day.

And yes, the panorama of the sky and trees entertain my eyes and heart.

If I listen carefully, I will notice a soft buzzing. Sometimes it is around my head, sometimes I cannot hear it. Sitting, being in the presence of Eos, I slowly become aware of a spot on my foot, or arm. It is a slight awareness. I move my foot and notice a small buzzing thing flit away. It flies erratically, coming near my head or my other leg. I know what it is, this blood sucking monster courting my feet. I wave my hand, not in welcome, more like “go away.”

Yes, it is mosquito season. The daily rains have lain in the assorted containers around Old Town long enough for another bloom. Peace on the porch is not happening today. Today it is mosquitos at dawn. Call mosquito control, they already got me twice.

Thank you

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