Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Tuesday, drifting along, passing the markers as we allow; these markers, each one, delineates how our choices are reflected in the illusion of life and perceived reality.
Have we any influence on the passages taken by spirit? Does each assumed decision change the course of our life stream? Is there eve a way of knowing, within this paradigm? Does it matter?
What are you thinking about?
I sit here, foot still broken, residing in someone else’s home, and I wonder if I could have made a different decision that would have had a different outcome.
In the infinity of time space, there are an infinite number of me’s, making an infinite number of choices, living an infinite number of lives. Why am I here now, doing these things? Is this a problem?
I guess that the real question is if this is a problem, certainly not, no problems.
It’s like riding downhill on a toboggan. It’s better if you lean into the curves and prepare for the jumps. It’s great to ride as far as possible, and roll off when it stops, and it’s great to go soaring through the air over a jump and lie in a heap in the snow. Whatever, it is the ride that counts.
We are here for the ride.
We are here to share the ride with whomever shows on this sun filled hillside this time.
Enjoy the ride for it will snow again, and you will have another opportunity to look at the freshly fallen snow, and pick the way you will aim your toboggan.