Sunday, December 4, 2011


The world spins like the hands on a clock, always tuning. Days turn into months; months turn into years; years turn into centuries, and so on. The lives of those on this planet play out in a similar manner, as we go round and round, through the stages of being, passing landmarks and opportunities.

If you don’t learn a lesson on the first time it passes, you will have another chance, just wait. The next opportunity is just a moment away. We can carry repeating opportunities with us in our memories. If you keep the lesson present, then the choices to learn continue to repeat in a moment to moment basis. We each know and recognize those lessons, the ones that we believe – if I change this, I will be happier.

Is the lesson instead, to learn to accept that certain choices are who you are, and accept that the lesson is learned, and yet – continue the behaviour? Perhaps that is why these choices grate on us so repeatedly; the lesson is not to change, but to accept. And is that lesson any easier?

Good question. Do I choose to pursue those questions now? Do I choose to pursue change vs acceptance now? Would that be an easier exploration? Yes. Maybe the choice is to accept that change is innate, that change is constant and that acceptance allows the changes to occur naturally, as our days turn into months. We cannot force the hands of the clock to move any faster, we cannot move the sun across the sky any faster. Why would we want to? We cannot change ourselves any faster either. We must take each step along the path to get to our destination. 

Some for a Lifetime

Some for a Lifetime; or many lifetimes. 
We allow people into our lives for a reason, season of lifetimes.
And so it is. As I enjoy the presence of these energies within my life and allow them to “be” while with me and I “am” while with them, the shadows fall away, and inside that safe space, we can play as children, sprites, and free spirits.

Being is the essential, being “what” is of little importance. Being of light we are. Lightness lifts us up above the mundane, and dances in the spirit.

Meeting friends that you recognize from this and many lives, that secure feeling, knowing that the other is, as I am. The love that we have built through the eons goes nowhere. It always was and always well be. Part of the universal love, we each are dealt our hand for each encounter. And many cards pass through our hands, and many cards pass through our hands again.
These well worn loves, these repeat loves, recognizing these comfortable patterns, that ease of communication is so restful

Sigh – Scratch - what more to say? Some end their writing if they have to think about it. I have chosen to write to a time or a quota, to achieve some kind of practice and create a discipline; allowing the words to fall on to the paper as they pass through my mind. Like I was once told about my words, that they land on my tongue without passing through my mind, my conscious filters that choked off any unpleasing statements, not functioning as I would fr from friend to friend, testing with words if they were worthy, instead of accepting and lovine as they are in peace. 



And yet, I anticipate – anticipation of events that I desire; anticipation of a week end with celebration.

These items are within my power. I can achieve events which I desire, I can achieve a celebration. I can celebrate each moment that passes each and every day, not needing to await the week end.

I can celebrate the achievement of desired objects and events, especially when the desired events are joy and celebration. It is a self fulfilling expectation, when we anticipate celebration of an event, and we celebrate the anticipation, then we can live in constant celebration and joy. Anticipate to me heralds joyful waiting. I anticipate, and continue…

It is like stepping off a cliff, anticipation. As you step you expect to land somewhere, safely, and trust this will be a place of preference and joy; like the tarot card, the Fool; like me in so many of my actions.

The joyful fulfillment of these steps has given me great faith in being who I choose to be, and allowing the creator to guide my steps.

anticipation (plural anticipations)
  1. The act of anticipating, taking up, placing, or considering something beforehand, or before the proper time in natural order.
  2. The eagerness associated with waiting for something to occur.