Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

   Mother’s Day

To be here in my cave on Mother’s Day’
With my boys so distant,
In my heart there is no distance.
Hugs are difficult to accomplish.

Hugs are such a sweet support.
I crave Hugs, and yet.
I guess
I could go to the street
With a “free Hugs” sign
Or go to a place of worship
And receive my hugs there.

I could choose to live in community
With like minded people
And receive there.
Where would I find one
here in Key West?

They are found,
filled with family and friends, 
A compound. They exist here. 

I could chase after so many and receive hugs.
The hug, the embrace
The connection of body and spirit,
We are created in embrace.
The embrace of mother,
As the womb embraces us
In the nectar of amniotic fluid
And love.