Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/2012 Eleven Years Ago

          The anniversary of the twin towers event: this event was probably the biggest event to change the attitude here to one of fear.
          This attitude has led us to where we are now, teetering on the edge of the shift. This shift seems to be polarizing humanity; those still controlled by fear and those who recognize and accept the one. Patience must be incorporated into the attendance; as we stand together as one, observing those in fear.
          Temptation to fall into that attitude is thrust upon those standing by from every angle. The governments, especially, will lose control if the people act united, no longer needing the regulations of a government, simply acting for the benefit of the one.

          They say another thousand years, that is certain. The fear mongers will destabilize all that are on the verge of the one. The whole manipulation of those in control is to return the proletariat to a place of subservience. They do that by stripping them of their individuality through the homogenization of nutrition devoid food, leading to obesity and malnutrition; and thought devoid entertainment through television and endless hours on the internet.  
          Those of the one choose to nourish body, mind and spirit with holistic consumption.   
   Thank you for being _ thank you for creating _ thank you for directing.
          We shall arise and become.