Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Look Here

While meditating, I came up with 2 ideas for today’s writing, “Exploring my space” and “Hey, Look at Me.”
The two can combine nicely. When I am in my space the only one who can pay attention to me is me. The only one whose attention I can attract and who will fulfill that need is me. It is my own attention that I seek. It is me who shares my space, for IAM the one.
Perhaps, instead of exploring my space, I simply explore space; the material space and the mental or perceived space that IAM.
Come. Look at me. IAM all, IAM everything, IAM fulfilling your every dream, your every fantasy. It is simply that you don’t know it yet. You are afraid to let go and allow the wonders of being to cascade into your present reality.
Stop. Pause for a moment. My space is filled with the things, ideas, concepts  and loves that I have placed there. These things are carefully placed to attract my attention, and to comfort me.
I have come full circle. I am complete.
Thank you,

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