Monday, September 26, 2011


Pretending is like: "Fake it until you make it.” I prefer pretend, It is a much more playful concept.

In pretending the imagination is turned on and tuned in, you are invited to let your mind reach to the depth of creativity, and then encouraged to bring this into your reality, and play with in until it is honed to a sharp edge, becoming a skill and a practice. So, we can begin to practice pretending. What do you think that you would like to pretend today?

I will pretend several things, yet, I know that these things that I pretend are already a reality in my life. I must seek within to find a concept that I would like to pretend. However, I can put that aside for now, since I know that will come to me in a flash, as I have lit the spark of creation, and the father energy will give me what I want to pretend.

I feel so protected, as I can pretend anything. I can look back and think of what I have already pretended, and then realized.

My pretend friend is one entity who has been with me as long as I can remember; she was the “bad” one. I gave her a name that I choose to change. I will allow her to become a friend, not only of my childhood, but also of my whole life, so her new name is Barbara Holly. I am pleased. Are you Barbara? She can be my nom de plume. I can pretend to be her…

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