Monday, September 5, 2011

110905 Labor Day

110905        Labor Day
          Strange, when I think of Labor Day, I think more of the births of my sons, and the days that I spent in Labor. Gratefully, the details of those days are hidden by the joy experienced upon holding those sons, seeing the light in their eyes and smelling their breaths. That kind of labor needs to be celebrated.
          Celebration is where the heart becomes alive with joy. I celebrate each day, be it Labor Day or Thanksgiving, I give thanks.
          Holidays = Holy days; days to celebrate the holy in life, or wholly alive; being in touch with who you are, what your life means to you and where you are going. So maybe in could be Whollydays = holidays? Maybe not?
          Anyway, today is not a holiday in relation to any established religion; and yet, that is not so either. Since labor is a part of the whole, the old chop wood, carry water idea. In this society chopping wood in not necessarily required to heat your home, since there are others to do that aspect of labor for society. Each must arise, alert to the new day, and do their personal labor, be in beg in the streets, write a passage, make a deal or sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.
          Labor is not always laborious. It can also be joyful, and today I look to the joy that I have found in doing my labor, and I thank the creator for delivering me two such wonderful sons.

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