Sunday, August 25, 2013

What if Life Had Sub-Titles

I have been watching more foreign movies on Netflix recently. Last night, as I lay there, I realized that I understood some of, most of what they were saying. I could get the gist of the film by watching the action, and catching some of the dialogue. I would glance at the sub-titles and fill in what I didn’t catch. At the beginning of the film, I would keep a keen eye on the sub-titles, to familiarize myself with the language again, and by the end, I could understand most.

At the point in the film, where I had transitioned from reading most to understanding most, I thought, “What if life had sub-titles?”

I have been pondering that since. It could be so easy, if when we are sarcastic, a little sign flashed on our fore-head, “Joke-Joke-Joke.” People might still be slightly offended, since there always is a truth underlying sarcasm, and still, they might laugh with the perpetrator, or orator.
When arguing with your significant other, wouldn’t it be nice to have this tool to let them know that whatever hurtful words come out of your mouth that the dialogue really is “I love you very much. I am very hurt and confused. I cannot express myself with love because I never learned how. I just want to be heard.” I know this might have saved several relationships that I have experienced.
Or, when speaking to your boss, instead of saying “Take this job and shove it;” your thoughts are translated as, “I enjoy working here; I have some problems with some of the policies and communications.”

Perhaps, that will be the glory of telepathy. The words that escape our mouths will be translated directly into the other’s mind as the loving expressions that sing from our hearts. 

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