Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Progression - the natural flow from inception / conception to completion or death. Is it imagined? There is no progression; there is only a series of nows that by observation seem to show progression
         And, in fact, is it progress? Is not each now fulfilled? Is not each now complete within itself? And yet we perceive progression.
         The story of the ego requires progression. Attachment has a beginning and an end. Attachment needs progression. When unattached we embrace the now and transcend the essence of progress… the non-essence… the illusion of progress.
         So why are there plans? Are they merely dreams? Is the ego projecting dreams into the vastness of now and making choices that seem to fulfill or direct these dreams into d=reality.
         The Law of Attraction – egoic dreams – acted upon and creating a now through dreaming and acting. 

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